PCRepix Information

This distro is free and can be distributed at your discretion. If you are satisfied with it please tell others about it. Please also consider a donation to the project:



PCRepix is based on MakuluLinux XFCE 9.1 Lite. The main idea behind this specialized Distribution is data recovery, disk cloning, password resetting etc., similar to what the distribution PartedMagic does. But it can also be used as a full-blown Desktop OS With Office Suite, Photo Editor etc. There are two versions currently, a 32 bit version which works on both, older 32 bit PC's, as well as a 64 bit version which of course will only work on newer 64 bit hardware. So for compatibility reasons you should first look at the 32 bit version.



Be aware that many of the tools are very powerful and if used improperly it is possible to damage data, so use with care. I will refuse to take any responsibility for any damage done through the use of this Distribution.

The software installed is mostly free and OpenSource. There are some exceptions like “VMware View Client and Manager” so read their EULA and understand it when you are using those tools. For details on the Installed software and how it can be used check the “Help - Docs” area in the menu, or also the “Installed Apps” Document on the Desktop. For The more important software a Link is included that directs you to online resources which can guide you to further details on how it is used and what it does.

This LiveDVD or USB media can also be installed onto a PC using the Installer Link on the desktop, and you can install further software via the package managers apt or synaptic. If you install something while using the Live Media, that software of course will be lost after a reboot.

Also included is the basic “Makulu-Constructor” with which you can create your own LiveMedia after you have adapted the installed system to your needs.

Revision History:


Updated from the base Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 15.04.

This makes CloneZilla compatible to BTRFS file-systems, among other improvements.


Fixed CloneZilla bug

Updates/AV definitions

Added Asunder CD Ripper, Gigolo Remote FileSystem connect Software, Fern WiFi auditing tool



First release of PCRepix, based on MakuluLinux XFCE.

Burn the iso to DVD, or use a tool like Unetbootin (http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net) or WinSetupFromUSB (http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/downloads/), which has the advantage of allowing more than one iso image to be bootable from a USB stick, but it needs an m$ Windows OS to run, to get it onto a USB stick, Then boot your PC from that DVD or stick.